“Karen is a personable, conscientious Lady who certainly knows how to move a Business forward. She has a knack of putting you at ease and she really takes time to understand exactly what your business needs are. She has helped my business grow and expand, all the while supporting and helping me and my team to adjust to the new strategies she was implementing.
I would not hesitate in recommending Karen and the impact she has had on the way I run my business has been phenomenal.”

Michelle Drury, Mint Salon

Business Growth Studio, creating structured growth and sustainability for your business

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"Get on track, move forward, make a difference"

All businesses big or small need a solid business platform to achieve lasting, profitable growth. Understanding the values and purpose of your business,  having an sustainable business model, appropriate systems and processes and the right people on board your business will be structured to be accountable, visible, profitable and scalable. We can help you to achieve this.

Have you wondered?

Are there areas in your business that are letting you down?  Do you have time to work out why?
Do you feel like you have lost control and are constantly juggling just to stay on top of your work load?
Are your business goals in your head?
Do you have that sinking feeling on a Sunday night when you think about going back to work?
Has your business stopped growing?


Not all business consulting is the same, we take a collaborative approach to working with clients. One size does not fit all. Knowing what your business is aiming to achieve is the best starting point. Assessing each area of your business to give a complete picture of the current situation will highlight any areas of concern. From here we can create a strategy to make appropriate changes and improvements for your business to get you back on track to reach your goals.

My name is Karen McKeogh.  For over 20 years I have been working with diverse companies and entrepreneurs acquiring a broad set of skills including strategy and management.  At the Business Growth Studio we are passionate about solving business problems, we explore all avenues to find out if there are areas that need fixing or improving.  We provide practical, collaborative guidance to grow and sustain your business.

Read more about  our services.  Call  07733 241271 or email  and let’s talk about growing your business!

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Move forward, get on track, make a difference...